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Overhead Barbell Tricep Extension: the top muscle mass builder for the triceps

The overhead tricep extension is considered one of the top muscle mass builders for the triceps.

For greatest comfort, you can perform it seated, standing, or leaning on a bench.

The triceps, a three-headed muscle on the back of the upper arm, is the primary muscle used during the lying barbell extension. The triceps' long head is firmly engaged.

Execution / Adequate Form

  • Grip a barbell with a hold approximately the width of your shoulder (note: Many individuals prefer a closer grip, particularly when utilizing the EZ curl bar.

  • Clean the barbell to your chest and then raise it to the starting position overhead.

  • Slowly lower the bar behind your head, keeping your elbows in, until you feel a tiny stretch at the bottom.

  • At the bottom, pause for a half second and feel the triceps stretch.

  • Return to the beginning posture by extending your arms overhead until they are nearly straight.

  • Rep till the desired number of reps is achieved.

Training Suggestions

Keep your elbows in to completely stimulate the triceps's enormous long head. There is a reason why many individuals allow their elbows to extend outward; it is simpler that way, and the majority of people follow the path of least resistance. Bear in mind the cue "Elbows in." As you do so, take note of how much more you feel your triceps, particularly the stretch at the bottom.

It's acceptable to choose a grip width that ranges from shoulder width to less than shoulder width, depending on your preference and how you feel it most. The majority of lifters use the tighter grip while using the EZ curl bar.

The most common error is in the upper arm position. Take a close look at the illustration's arm position. At the start and finish, you will see that the upper arm remains parallel to the floor. In other words, no shoulder extension is used.

Progressions (make it harder or add intensity)

Add weight whenever you can, as long as you can maintain good form and you don't feel any pain in your elbows.



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