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The nutrition you consume before and after your workout can have a significant impact on your overall performance and recuperation.

When selecting a snack before or after a workout, keep in mind that carbohydrate sources range in terms of digestion rates and ability to be utilised for energy.

Sources containing glucose and fructose are excellent for restoring muscle and liver glycogen stores (supplying energy for the next workout).

When and what to eat

The timing of nutrient intake, particularly the "anabolic window" following exercise, has been hotly contested.

Having said that, the majority of experts agree that ingesting high-quality protein postworkout (as a supplement or as a meal) provides muscle-building effects.

Prior to working out

Snacks that combine carbs and protein are essential whether you're training long after a meal or first thing in the morning while fasting.

These nutrients replenish glycogen stores while also stimulating protein synthesis. High-fiber foods, on the other hand, take longer to digest. while working out

During the Workout

You should only drink water. Eating the correct nutrients before your activity will power your workout, so you won't need to eat while you're working out.

Post workout

To promote recuperation, some experts advocate ingesting protein immediately after your workout, while others recommend eating a high-protein meal within 1–3 hours. Protein "feeding" of this type prevents protein breakdown and boosts protein synthesis.



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