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Quick and Simple Workout to Get a Bigger Butt

We'll walk you through the best easy gym routine for growing a gorgeous booty, rounder butt, and all-around athletic and curvaceous lower body in our beginners guide.

With open arms, let us welcome the era of the voluptuous and athletic lady.

It's past time for us to celebrate healthy, feminine figures in all their splendor. The age of the bigger butt is upon us.

It's no longer about achieving the previous skinny, waif-like appearance.

That appearance has faded away.

It's all about having a larger ass, shapely glutes, and powerful, seductive curves these days.

It's all about growing a butt so huge that it squeezes the life out of your jeans and makes you the center of attention as you walk down the street.

And in this article, we'll walk you through each stage of the process.

This is the training plan for you if you're a newbie on the road to greater butt growth and searching for a simple gym regimen to get you started.

Every woman aspires to have a well-defined and contoured behind. They want it to assist them create a sultry silhouette while also highlighting their general fitness and athleticism.

And with good reason.

There's nothing like feeling at ease in a pair of tight jeans or a summer skirt to boost your confidence. Even more so when you're feeling confident in your own skin.

Building a butt that you're proud of, on the other hand, necessitates forethought, effort, and time.

Some ladies aspire to have not just excellent glutes, but also athletic and slender legs. Others want to concentrate solely on a massive booty that receives all of the attention.

This is a program that will help you attain your objectives, regardless of what they are. However, it is geared toward novices who must concentrate on the fundamental movements and patterns.

If you think you have a good base of strength and experience, our bikini body exercise plan for the gym, which targets a more intermediate level, might be a better fit for you.

However, it's critical to be honest with yourself - if you're not ready for more complicated programs, don't jump in.

This is a beginner's plan, but it doesn't mean it won't earn you fantastic results.

This simple gym training program's main goal is to:

  • Create a killer butt that will fill your clothes and give your booty a boost.

  • Improve your general strength training skills and prepare you for more advanced butt training programs by increasing your confidence and getting you beach ready.

  • Gluteal muscles come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Glutes refers to a group of separate muscles that make up your buttocks, or 'butt'. It's a Latin term derived from the Greek word gloutos.

We don't want to turn this into a biology lesson, but as a newbie, it's critical that you learn the basics of the butt. That way, you'll know why you're doing each exercise rather than just how to do it.

You may have performed a seemingly endless amount of squats in the past but failed to see any results. Squats are a wonderful booty builder, but they're only one tool in your armory.

A well-rounded and planned glute workout is ideal. It should not be limited to a single exercise.

Long-term success is achieved by striking your lower body from various angles.

Because the set of muscles that make up your glutes are responsible for a variety of motions, no single exercise will be able to target them all.

You must work on all three muscles in order to achieve your goal of a bigger butt.

Gluteus maximus:

The Gluteus maximus is your body's largest and most strong muscle. This is the muscle to concentrate on if you desire a larger butt. They support your body by extending your leg behind you, assisting in the separation of your knees, and rotating your thighs outwards.

Gluteus medius:

The Gluteus medius is a tiny butt muscle on the outside of your legs and hips. It isn't as powerful as your maximus, but it is essential for maintaining pelvic stability when walking. You'd only be able to shuffle when walking if you didn't have this muscle since you wouldn't be able to lift your leg off the floor. It's also in charge of abduction, which is when you move your leg out to the side of your body, like in a karate kick or the splits.

The smallest of the three glutes, the glute minimus, is just as vital. The minimus, which is formed like a triangle and is located directly below your medius, is responsible for assisting your medius during abduction movements and hip stability.

What You Should Know About Glute Workouts for Beginners at the Gym

We're going hard with precise and exact glute-building exercises, structured in a way that maximizes results, fast, in this program.

To optimize lower body shaping and head-turning booty, we're looking for precision.

Here's all you need to know about your course...

For great-looking glutes, use progressive loading.

The human body is notoriously sluggish.

It will merely sit back and relax unless you give it a real reason to improve and flourish.

The term "progressive overload" relates to selecting tough rep ranges, weights, and routines. They force your body to adapt by taking you out of your comfort zone.

Using challenging rep ranges, weights, and workouts is a guaranteed approach to break through the barriers to new muscular growth and shapely curves.

So, no matter how hard you try, if we tell you to pick a weight that fatigues you in 8-12 reps, you shouldn't be able to squeeze out 13 or more. You must maintain your game face and give it your best, regardless of how good your novice bigger butt strategy is.

To develop a killer booty, vary your rep range.

Muscle fibers of the same type are rarely found in the same muscle. Your glutes are no exception, as they have their own unique 'composition' in terms of fiber architecture.

Slow twitch muscle fibers (70%) should be addressed with higher reps and lighter weights. They are relatively little, but with weight training, they can still grow. 30% fast twitch — greater weight and lower reps can be used to target the more explosive and powerful fast twitch fibers. They develop swiftly and can grow to be quite large.

If you stick to the same rep ranges and weights for each exercise, you'll be limiting your muscle-building potential.

Using weights that don't put your body to the test won't give you the body you want.

You'll note that the weights you'll use and the rep ranges you'll utilize in this novice program are different.

That way, your body is constantly exposed to new and demanding stimuli.

To create a bigger butt, focus on your'mind-to-muscle' link.

One of the secrets to effective lower body training is to be more aware of your glute muscles when you exercise them.

The mind-muscle link, also known as muscular intent, refers to not only moving a weight with your glutes but also squeezing the muscle.

Because it helps you to block out distractions and maximize how you engage a muscle, intent is a fantastic tool for booty muscle growth. This aids overall growth by reducing the amount of other muscles used during an activity and allowing you to strike the target muscle more effectively.

The idea is to concentrate on how the muscle moves the weight during each exercise and 'feel' it working.

Don't rely on just one workout.

Squats, lunges, and hip thrusts are all excellent booty-builders.

However, they are unlikely to help you unleash a truly stunning butt on their own. Remember that the gluteals are made up of a variety of muscles, each with its unique function.

To truly create a terrific back, you'll need a routine that incorporates all of the core movements, including hip extension, abduction, and some external rotation.

The following types of movements will be used in this plan:

  • Squats

  • Lunges

  • Hip hinges

When it comes to sequencing your workouts, it's best to start with the heavier movements first.

These are the ones that allow you to lift big weights and really work on your booty to stimulate some serious muscle growth.

You can then incorporate lighter workouts that overload your muscles with less weight as your program advances. This is when you can put your mind-muscle connection to its full potential.

It's a rounder, curvier butt that combines the best of both worlds.

In a blue sports shirt and black gloves, an athletic woman lifts weights in the gym.

Glute Exercise Program for Beginners

It's critical to warm up properly before beginning any activity. It will not only make your workout safer, but also more productive.

A simple jog on the treadmill for 2-3 minutes or a 500-meter row will raise your body temperature. It will also warm up your glutes and hips immediately.

After that, you can undertake a light intensity mobility session that includes tasks to activate your neurological system and activate your mind-muscle connection.

This can include things like:

  • Gluten bridge

  • Prisoner or air squats

  • Stretch hip flexors




We've included two separate exercises in this plan to give you the best possible running start.

One employs a kettlebell (although a dumbbell can also be used), while the other concentrates on barbell exercises.

You can change them up to keep things interesting, or you can use any gym equipment you have.

To make the most development, we recommend that you undertake one of these sessions three times per week.


Workout 1: Barbell and body weight

Workout 2: Kettlebells and dumbbells



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