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Training on an Empty Stomach: Am I Setting Myself Up For Failure?

No you are not setting yourself up for failure by training fasted first thing in the morning.

However, for some people training fasted may decrease lifting performance.

Its not the kind of thing that will make or break you, but you should be aware of how training fasted versus fed affects your energy and lifting performance.

If you notice no difference in training performance and energy while fed or fasted, then it's unlikely this will affect your body composition results.

However, you need make sure your nutrition is on target for the rest of the day.

This includes a post workout meals that contains ample amount of high qauality protein.

If you notice that workouts done fasted cause your performance to suffer, then your results will suffer.

That being said, working out in a fasted state is not setting yourself up for failure.

Its not an all or nothing situation.

But if you enjoy training in a fasted state and prefer to do.

You would have two choices:

  • Keep training fasted because thats how you like to do it and thats what feels best, and accept the small compromise in results

  • Start eating before training (at least something small and easy on the stomach) , or train later in the day.

Should you replace one of your meals with a post-workout shake after lifting in a fasted state?

As for post workout shake, that is totally up to you based on personal preference and convenience.

If you lift totally fasted and haven't eaten since the night before, it is rather important to get some nutrition in quickly after you're lifting.

It does not matter if its a shake or a whole food meal.

But if a whole food meal will be delayed a long time (hour or multiple hours), having a protein shake or complete meal replacement shake right after training helps you get the nutrition in a fast and convenient way.



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