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What Is A Realistic And Healthy Body Fat Percentage Loss For A Week?

A common goal for weight loss is to lose two pounds per week, and one to three pounds per week is a typical weekly weight loss range.

One percent of one's total body weight per week is a popular and individualized guideline for those who are obese.

What about the percentage of body fat?

Setting a weekly fat loss goal of 0.5 percent is a good starting point.

According to the many years of skinfold caliper testing I've done, this is about average. Also, this is a fair and honest number that reflects not just the most successful people, but the average of everyone. That's why this weekly goal is a good one.

On the first day of week one, if your body fat was 24.5 percent, your goal for the week would be 24 percent.

If you keep it up for 12 weeks, you'll see a 6% reduction in body fat.

The loss of body fat is a slow process, so some people prefer to test their body fat every other week because they are more likely to see a significant drop.

Adjust the math for your desired timeframe if you do a biweekly (twice a month) body fat test (1 percent body fat loss in two weeks would be average).



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